A baby carrier in exchange for cake

Back in 2002, Karin Frost, a single mother on Maui (Hawaii), is looking for a practical and comfortable solution to carry her baby on her body for her everyday parenting activities like shopping, housework, breastfeeding and gardening. But she’s not 100 percent satisfied with the available carriers, so the trained clothing designer decides to simply sew her own baby carrier.

To her surprise, the carrier is well received not only by her son, but also by friends and family. In return for homemade cakes, she starts sewing more and more baby carriers for those around her.

The birth of Ergobaby

As interest increases, Karin, with no business plan and only a loan of money from her parents, launches her business idea of Ergobaby: to create and sell comfortable baby carriers. She receives 15,000 US dollars from her parents to help with the first order of 200 baby carriers from an overseas manufacturer. The sale of the first baby carriers funds another 200, followed by 500 and 700, and Ergobaby's growth becomes unstoppable.

One million baby carriers and more innovations to come

Just 10 years after its founding, Ergobaby sells its millionth baby carrier - something Karin Frost never dreamed of. Because Ergobaby's goal is to make families' lives more ergonomic and easier, Ergobaby launches a product in a new category: the swaddler. This was just the start of designing and inventing more and more products that make parents’ lives that much easier and more comfortable.

The new Ergobaby 360 - sold out within 3 hours

With the creation of the ergonomic Ergobaby 360 4-position carrier Ergobaby fulfils the wishes of parents who want to carry their baby facing outwards and to discover the world with them. Unlike the competition, Karin manages to ensure that baby does not sit on the pubic bone with legs dangling while being carried, but instead sit ergonomically in the recommended M-position, supporting their hips and back as they should be supported. What no one is expecting is that the new 360 baby carrier sells out within three hours and wins the Innovation Award from the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association), an association of manufacturers for children's and youth products.

Adapt + 360 = Omni 360? Another bestselling baby carrier

With the introduction of the Ergobaby Adapt 3-position carrier in 2016, Ergobaby changes the way newborns are positioned within carriers: an infant insert is no longer needed! "Ergonomic and grows with you" becomes the new vision and the design team continues to think of better, more intuitive designs and innovations to support parents and their babies. That's why in 2017 Ergobaby combines the best features of the Adapt and 360 baby carriers - and launches the Omni 360. It's no wonder that this 4-position carrier will soon become a bestseller. But even though Ergobaby have the best carrier on the market, the team continue to develop new designs and features, including the parts of a baby carrier that no one can see. The Omni Breeze, for example, has a perforated waist belt to make the carrier more air permeable in all the right places. And with the specially developed mesh fabric, this popular successor to the Omni 360 becomes the most breathable baby carrier on the market.

Confidence through quality - a new: 10-year warranty

From materials to workmanship, Ergobaby carriers are made to last as babies – and families - grow. That's why, from 2019, every Ergobaby baby carrier is now sold with the ErgoPromise Limited Lifetime Guarantee. If there are any manufacturing or material defects in the product’ Ergobaby provides a replacement part or replacement product free of charge. The guarantee applies to all baby carriers, wraps, weather covers, nursing pillows and bouncers.

The evolution of Ergobaby – more than “just” carriers

Ergobaby has evolved from a baby carrier manufacturer to a lifestyle brand with a focus on ergonomics and newborn essentials. From breastfeeding pillows and strollers to bouncers and high chairs, Ergobaby offers many useful products that make the lives of parents with children more comfortable and ergonomic. In doing so, the brand always focuses on the needs of parents and children. The reason Ergobaby develops sleep products, for example, is that many parents were looking for a simple, ergonomic way to swaddle their babies. The development of the Metro+ stroller, is the answer to the need for comfortable compact mobility in everyday life and when travelling - because it is not always possible to carry your baby. And the bouncer? As the first baby bouncer with a newborn insert that grows with the baby, it offers an ergonomic way to put baby down in everyday life, from birth.

Designed for Support and Comfort at every stage

Metro+ Stroller

Evolve 3-in-1 Bouncer

Evolve 3-in-1 High Chair

What's next for Ergobaby?

Don't worry, Ergobaby has plenty more to come.
If there’s a way to make parents’ lives easier and more ergonomic - Ergobaby will find a simple and comfortable solution! Its designers and product developers are inspired to innovate by materials, techniques and manufacturing processes from all over the world, in all kinds of industries, and by the idea of a smaller carbon footprint and a healthier planet for our children.

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