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Supporting child development on all levels

Whole body muscle training, supporting spinal alignment and healthy hip maturation, experiencing movement, balance and coordination, promoting bonding and sleep, regulating temperature, pulse and digestion)Comfortable and adjustable for baby and parent, laying almost flat for cozy naps .

Ergonomics, comfort & relaxation for parents and child

 Relief for arms, shoulders and back (caregiver), even weight distribution & comfortable and ergonomic transport, less crying.

Transporting a baby in a way that meets their needs, promotes bonding and is adapted to their anatomy

The baby carrier has all the characteristics needed to fit perfectly on their parents' bodies.

A practical everyday helper

Two free hands for siblings, household, home office, outdoor, .....

Simple closeness to the father/partner & safe retreat in the world

Discover our babywearing collection:

Immerse yourself in our select range of stylish and comfortable baby carriers that cater to both discerning parents and your little one's comfort needs. Each babywearing carrier is a testament to the incredible journey of parenthood, where style meets functionality.

Newborn Carriers | 0 - 12 months


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TOP 5 Advantages for Baby and Caregiver*:

Ergobaby believes that babywearing is a positive experience for the family, impacting physical, emotional and social development. Enjoy the joy of babywearing, anytime, anywhere, and create lasting bonds within your family. Whether parent, partner or carer, babywearing is a shared experience that builds the strong relationships with little ones that we cherish so much.

*according to our Midwife and Babywearing Expert Katrin Ritter.

  1. Species- and needs-appropriate transport according to the child's anatomy (the baby as a carrier)
  2. Full-body training and developmental support on all levels
  3. Safety, protection, warmth, movement, reassurance = promotes bonding and sleep
  4. Promotion of self-regulation (children become independent earlier)
  5. Easy feeding (when breastfeeding)
  1. Practical & flexible transport, more freedom
  2. Relief for your own body/back & comfort (even weight distribution)
  3. Builds & strengthens a strong bond (easy co-regulation, more sensitivity)
  4. Great opportunity for the father/partner to build closeness, more equality in childcare
  5. Stimulation of milk production, easy breastfeeding, especially in public


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Enhance Your Babywearing Journey with Expert Guidance

Elevate your babywearing experience with personalized assistance from our team. If you're seeking guidance on how to use any of our carriers, we're here to help!

Our certified babywearing consultants are ready to address any doubts, questions, or concerns you may have. Benefit from babywearing with our expertise to ensure optimal comfort and safety for both you and your baby.

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How can I carry my Baby? - 4 Ergonomic Carry Positions

carry position facing incarry position facing in

Inward Facing

From birth (3.2 - 20.4 kg)

  • good entry position
  • ideal for longer wearing times
  • suitable up to 18 months
carry position facing outcarry position facing out

Outward Facing

From 5 months at the earliest (6.4 - 13.6 kg)

  • with good head control & chin over the headrest
  • ideal for shorter wearing times in a low-stimulus environment
  • only with an awake and attentive child
carry position hipcarry position hip

 Hip Carry

From 6 months (7.8 - 20.4 kg)

  • with good head control
  • ideal for shorter wearing times
  • only with an awake and attentive child
carry position backcarry position back

Back Carry

From 6 months (7.8 - 20.4 kg)

  • with good head control
  • ideal for longer wearing times
  • ideal for larger babies / toddlers

What makes Ergobaby Carriers so special?

  1. Ergonomic carrying: In up to 4 carrying positions, the child is supported comfortably, safely and ergonomically to promote development. At the same time, the weight is evenly distributed over the body of the person carrying the baby, thus preventing pain in the back and shoulder area.
  2. Comfortable baby carriers: Soft materials, a comfortable fit, padded areas and ergonomic lumbar support for parents make carrying even heavier babies child's play and, of course, the baby is happy too.
  3. Baby carriers that grow with the baby: Ergobaby baby carriers grow continuously from birth (3.2 kg) up to 20.4 kg (depending on the model) and thus adapt to the great needs of the child's development.
  4. Breathable, soft baby carriers: Whether breathable mesh material and large ventilation holes in the waist belt or soft, brushed cotton materials ensure a feel-good experience for everyone.
  5. Age-appropriate, supportive baby carriers: The child's head, back and legs are supported at all times in an age- and development-appropriate manner.
  6. For (almost) all proportions of caregiver: The 3-point comfort system consisting of high-quality padded shoulder straps, the height-adjustable connecting strap of the shoulder straps and the ergonomic lumbar support can be individually adjusted according to body size and proportion. The shoulder straps can also be worn in 2 different ways (cross-body or H-shaped) (Omni & Adapt models).
  7. Room for almost everything: Not just for a growing baby. The detachable waist belt pocket (Omni Baby Carriers) or the 2 side pockets and the lumbar support pocket (Aerloom Baby Carrier) can be used to quickly store the most important items.
  8. Lovely details: Ergobaby baby carriers are full of lovely details: for example, there is a hood as sun, rain and privacy protection (please always leave your face uncovered) or even a strap chain loop. Reflectors on the mesh models also ensure greater safety.
  9. Tested, safe & certified baby carriers: Experts from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (AGR) and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute have awarded all Ergobaby baby carriers the "hip and back healthy" seal. In addition, the materials used meet the highest standards that textiles for newborns can fulfil. They are tested by independent testing laboratories in physical and chemical tests.
  10. Easy-care & durable carriers: Ergobaby carriers are made of breathable, quick-drying and soft materials that can all be machine washed at 30 degrees. They also come with the ErgoPromise™ Lifetime Guarantee (10 years).